Order page for cloud providers – Order System with OnApp integration


  • Ordering system with integrated payment methods
  • VIES VAT number validation

  • PayPal integration

  • Cloud Hosting related options at the Order Page
  • Option to choose additional options during the order process

  • Multi-Currency support. Product prices can be expressed in EUR, USD, etc


  • Virtual Private Server
  • 2GB of Ram, Disk 10GB

  • Deployment at subdomain.yourcompany.com


The order page offered by CaseLayer is dedicated to cloud providers and their customers.
With the innovative order form, the choice of the appropriate server is an extremely quick and easy matter – it takes less than one minute. All parameters necessary for ordering the right VPS are placed on one page, with no need to switch between pages. In this way, the buyer has unlimited opportunities to make sure that the selected server properties are suitable throughout the ordering process. When modifying particular checkboxes, only the one subject to modification is changed, while the rest remain unchanged.

A customer ordering a server may specify a wide range of its parameters, including:
  • location in which the server is to be established (continent – country – region/ city)
  • an operating system according to specific categories (e.g. most popular, x64 bit, x32 bit)

  • sales plan to specify the server’s price and purpose

  • additional options, e.g. firewall, DoS protection, backups, iPv4 networking

VPS providers can add and remove servers, change their parameters, and adjust checkboxes to suit their customers’ needs.
The fields for the data needed to complete the server ordering process are located on the same page as the VPS details. The buyer has an unlimited preview of the selected parameters and the data entered. Automatic validation of data needed to create an individual customer account and data regarding payment details enables the buyer to avoid errors when placing an order, while also streamlining the ordering process and increasing its convenience.


The integration scenario the Exposition with OnApp

Step 1: Once you have placed your order using the Exposition, the system returns data in the JSON format, which can later be used in the other billing systems.

Step 2: OnApp after receiving JSON data from the Exposition, can set up the cloud server with the preconfigured specification.


A customer ordering a server will quickly choose its location. You can choose from different location categories. Cloud providers may add their own variants.


A customer ordering a server will choose the operating system from among offered by cloud providers. Operating Systems can be selected by popularity or system bit architecture. The cloud provider can enter its selection categories.


The choice of billing cycle is extremely important. The billing cycle is described simply and clearly. You can choose the billing frequency and currency. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually and be expressed in multi-currency.


A company from the EU area In the Exposition, you can enter the VAT number and check its correctness by lookup the VAT number directly using the VIES web service. Each company trading within the EU must have an EU VAT number.



A customer ordering a server can choose the payment method. The Exposition offers two payment methods:
  • via PayPal
  • via bank transfer
  • The Exposition has full integration with the PayPal system.


    The most important part of the Exposition. This is a summary of the entire order with the total amount due. The Summary Cart includes the name of the selected plan, billing details, i.e. billing cycle, currency, tax rate, tax amount, server details, and the total due price.


    CaseLayer Billing
    for Cloud

    Enterprise Edition
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