CaseLayer Billing for Cloud

Billing Software for Cloud Providers

Product Overview

CaseLayer Billing for Cloud was created for cloud service providers.
It is a billing system containing the basic functionalities necessary for the effective sale of public cloud resources.

built-in feature

CaseLayer Billing for Cloud is available in various language options. Each cloud provider and its individual clients can set the language according to their preferences thanks to the file system with the extension .json.
Multi-Languages Support

built-in feature

Legal Information is a feature that allows you to add documents containing terms and conditions of use of products and services offered by the Administrator.
Legal Information

built-in feature

Order page dedicated to cloud service providers.

built-in feature

CaseLayer Billing for Cloud has built-in billing and subscription management.
Management Portal

built-in feature

Customer Portal for managing services.
Customer Portal

CaseLayer Applicaiton Platform

CaseLayer Billing for Cloud is based on the CaseLayer Application Platform, which has a separate Web Application and CaseLayer API. If you want to learn how to build applications based on the CaseLayer Application Platform, please contact us. We will talk about the possibilities of the CaseLayer Application Platform and the needs of your company.

Product Installation Requirements

  • Virtual Private Server
  • 2GB of Ram, Disk 10GB
  • Deployment at or

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